Let's Hear it for the Boys

As time has marched forward, it may sometimes appear as if each new generation of men’s style has taken steps backwards. Although there are great creations happening on the runway and the street, a general look of laziness seems to have enveloped many of today’s men which causes me to believe I was born in the wrong decade. After all, what would be so wrong with a world where everyone dressed like Leonardo DiCaprio in his role of Jay Gatsby, right?

One glance at this Fashionisto’s impeccable styling drew me from my daydreams and into the present. His ensemble holds a sort of timeless class that still boasts of modern appeal, and his wardrobe choices pack a big punch among the endless sea of gym attire. This simple outfit highlights the importance of just the right accessory. In the case of this well dressed gentleman, this essential outfit addition was his tie. His slim gingham tie almost warmed the nippy air in a winter season characterized by tartan plaid and heavier prints. The darker blue coloring of this striking neckwear, however, makes it anything but out of season. A tie is the perfect subtle yet eye-catching accessory that can easily be adopted into any man’s wardrobe to provide just a bit of refinement to each outfit.

Along with its statement creating capabilities, another superior element of a tie is the limitless variety of ways it can be worn. Here this polished fellow opted for a collared white button-down, a necessary staple in every man’s closet, a navy cardigan, charcoal gray trousers and black oxfords. This particular look is especially versatile, and its harmonious balance of casual and sophistication can easily carry it from classes to an office job. Paired with a blazer, or better yet, coupled with a suit, the cardigan has the potential to increase its formality as it creates an extra element that is not only comfortable but also makes an informal allusion to the three-piece suit. George Peppard effortlessly pulled together this look during his staring act in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. When re-creating this ensemble, find pieces that suit your style, and don’t be afraid to mix and match – the possibilities are endless!

Hint:  For added visual interest, skillfully combine shirt and tie patterns for a quick, quirky look. It’s all about scale; couple a large patterned tie with a smaller patterned shirt or vice versa. Finally, always choose a tie that has accents the same dominate color of your shirt for a flawless, intricate pair.


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