LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: All Black Everything

Let's Hear it for the Boys

You know those days where it is just so cold you do not even want to leave your bed? Or the days you have earlier morning class and would rather skip and have brunch with your friends? Well, that seems to be everyday this winter in NYC. As college students we must endure the cold weather, get out of bed and make it to class on time. And at the same time making sure we do not step out in anything less than an extravagant ensemble.

This Fashionisto made sure that when he graced Pace’s campus with his presence it wouldn’t be a frightening one. He kept his look simply and clean, not trying to hard. That is what drew me to this Fashionisto, his outfit caught my eye because he was not your regular college guy walking the campus in sweats. There is nothing more a girl loves than a guy that cares about his appearance, am I right ladies?

He starts his outfit out off with a simple Mossimo black polo – you can never go wrong with that! Next is his skinny fit black jeans and black boots. Some people may think black is too much and that you should add color but, this outfit is the definition of simplicity and adding his gray cardigan on top gives it a sleek look. From there comes his H&M black knit scarf and black GUESS jacket to keep him warm during this windy morning.

Anyone rushing to a morning class can get this Fashionisto’s look from anywhere. It is simple and uncomplicated to replicate. That is one more thing I love about this outfit, it isn’t hard to copy. That is what college fashion is about, learning from your peers about different styles and trying them out. This week this Fashionisto taught us that just because it is cold and we are tired we should never slack on out appearance!

Hint: When rushing to an early class, keep it simple. Just throw on a pair of jeans, a shirt and maybe even an extra sweater. Don’t think too much, save that for class!


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