LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: All About The Accessories

Let's Hear it for the Boys

I used to see this Fashionisto in the Fashion Merchandising Management office at school, and the first thing that caught my eye is his fabulous hair and the way he carries himself with confidence. Because besides the fantastic accessories – confidence is what really makes you radiate from others.

He sports a Zara blazer (similar here), H&M shorts (similar here) and a pair of timeless and durable 14th and Union oxfords. Along with these moderately priced pieces, he stacks his arm with an Hermès Collier De Chien Cuff and a beautiful Cartier Love Bracelet Trio. I was tempted to ask him if I could borrow them so my wrist can feel a sense of luxury. Finishing it off with some more accessories including this beautifully constructed Hermes belt and a bag to match.

You’re probably thinking, how is this Fashionisto able to mix and match items from two different ends of price points? With his outfit costing roughly $200, and accessories probably more than quadruple that price – wow that sounds a little crazy right? “I invest solely in accessories. They are the staples of my closet, and they are what brings an outfit from basic to extraordinary.” Honestly I think it’s something that we all should try. You can have a great basic T-shirt and a pair of simple black skinny jeans and when you stack on the fabulous accessories, it turns the vibe from casual to dressy.

“I guess what makes me most confident is knowing that it’s not the clothes that are drawing attention to me – it is how I wear them, how I mix and match, the eye I have to put things together that continues to radiate through them. You get to see my personality – my outfits say that I am creative, I am goal oriented, but I can be trendy as well. I can be whomever it is I want to be day-to-day.”

Hint: This Fashionisto says have fun. He says to take risks with fashion. The goal is not to look like everyone else—the goal is to take something you like and put your own creative spin on it so that people recognize the look and think of you. So there you have it. From the guy with the fabulous hair himself!


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