Let's Hear it for the Boys

“It’s the little things in life” is a popular phrase that I’m sure most of you are familiar with. In the fashion world it’s the little things that help to personalize your look. It’s quick and painless to add an extra flare here and there, and when done right it can turn a rather dull outfit into something eye catching. Take this Fashionisto, for example. He could’ve easily left his outfit simply as a gray sweater and basic blue jeans, but instead he went the extra mile and added some accents by accessorizing. From his Ray-Ban glasses to his button-down collar peeping out from the top of his sweater— his look appears very complete and fashion-forward.

What stand out the most about this outfit are his shoes. Exploring different footwear is something that everyone should try, especially if you tend to play it safe when it comes to clothing options. Footwear is a good place to start, since you then can work from the bottom up to revamp your look. His shoes are a bold, bright red. A pop of color somewhere is yet another perfect, sometimes necessary accent. Pops of color add interest, especially when paired with an otherwise very neutral color palette. Without the shoes this outfit would’ve been a whole lot of grays and blues. The red is there to help to balance these two colors out.

Hint: Pairing a button-down with your favorite sweater is an excellent way to layer. Just remember that too many patterns can be overwhelming so incorporate a pattern in either the button-down or the sweater, not both.


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