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Let's Hear it for the Boys

Selecting accessories highlights your attention to detail and can help you stand out from the masses either very subtly or very dramatically. Certain accessories, if we’re honest, are superfluous. For example, neckties and bowties can aver a social benefit and convey formality, but their main function is purely aesthetic. There are other accessories available that provide utility galore, whether it is a watch to tell time, shades to protect your eyes, suspenders or a belt to secure your garments or a cold-weather accessory (like a hat, gloves or scarf) to add warmth. Selecting accessories that are useful while adding flair to your look can be extremely satisfying. Today’s Fashionisto strikes a balance between accessories of the essential and nonessential variety.

Today’s Fashionisto probably didn’t struggle to get dressed judging by the fact that his outfit is composed of pieces that are fairly simple alone. His look appears effortless but positively so. Basic blue jeans and a gray shirt could veer boring, but accessories save the day. A gold chain is purely decorative. A jacket and a book satchel are essential. A warm scarf is both decorative and useful. Today’s Fashionisto is a fantastic example of someone who has added items to his outfit that were nonessential but desirable, contributing to an overall more stylish result.

This is my second semester writing LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS articles for CollegeFashionista and during my time researching and reporting on male fashion trends, a really special place has been carved out of my heart for Fashionistos that take risks. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing male students wearing everything from tunics to harem pants to formal suits to D.I.Y. customized duds. As exciting as it can be to write about bold sartorial moves that shout, “Hey, look at me!” I must admit that I am just as impressed when encountering a Fashionisto with a more demure outfit that he has added a few really great details to. It always delights me to notice the thoughtful touches added that the rest of the male population would probably never even consider. I would love to see more males rocking scarves.

Hint: When it comes to finishing off an outfit, don’t think that learning how to tie a scarf is only for Fashionistas! You could always adopt an infinity scarf and never have to think about it again. You could even opt to not wear a scarf at all, but you’d be missing out. While it’s true that slinging it on and just letting it hang will probably look acceptable, learning ways to stylize your scarf will seriously multiply your options. I personally challenge you to look up and master the ascot knot and the Parisian knot.

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