LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: A Tradition Without the Traditional

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Fashion on Queens’ campus is built upon tradition. This Fashionisto wears an example of traditional Queens clothing. He wears a GPA, which is a purple jacket that the engineers at Queens wear to represent their school. This piece continues to make a fashion statement throughout Queens’ campus. This jacket represents traditional university fashions, without averting to the typical stereotypes of preppy collegiate style. The jacket is versatile and can be worn with whatever you choose. This Fashionisto pairs his jacket with a colorful blue, white and red plaid shirt and a black V-neck sweater. He wears a pair of casual blue jeans and a pair of tan Sperry Top-Siders to finish off his outfit.

Although the purple jacket is specific to engineers at Queens, any Fashionisto can achieve a similar look through his own think-outside-the-box leather jacket. Some examples include this highly decorated motorcycle jacket from Urban Outfitters or this olive green alternative from Armani Jeans. If you do not want a full-on leather jacket, try this electric blue leather trimmed jacket from Michael Kors. These versions may not exactly be the Queens GPA, but they are representations of how you can style yourself with a statement piece jacket. It is harder in menswear to find pieces of color and, especially, in a frequently worn piece. This is why these jackets and the GPA are all categorized as risk-taking purchases. Sometimes, it is hard to invest in a piece of clothing that is worn often, yet it doesn’t match with everything. This Fashionisto’s outfit contradicts this typical thought that many boys consider. It is best to invest in a risky item, such as these jackets, than in a safer piece of clothing. After all, don’t the risk-takers reap the better rewards?

Hint: If you hope to wear a leather jacket this winter, but you don’t want to freeze to death, try attaching a fleece lining inside!


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