LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: A Thrifty Paradise

Let's Hear it for the Boys

I think it’s safe to say that all of us here enjoy shopping. It’s like our sport. Some of us do it casually, just picking up what we like, while others of us hunt and strategize to find those signature pieces to add to the collection. The twist to this great sport is finding not only really cool items, but finding them at an even more amazing price. Yes, our favorite department and online stores frequently have sales in which we jump to participate in, but nothing beats the a great buy at a thrift shop. You literally find anything there from funky old school pieces to designer fashion. You can “shop til you drop,” and the best part; you won’t break the bank.

This Fashionisto put his unique style on full display mixing a number of pieces combining great thrift shop finds and designer labels. He embraced the new spring weather wearing a a bright yellow tank and an equally bright orange sweatshirt, tied around the waist of his khaki Urban Outfitters pants. He layered onto his outfit a navy blue blazer, another signature piece he found at a thrift shop, and matching navy blue sneakers from Zara. He tops off his navy blue streak with a hat, also thrifted.

This Fashionisto isn’t big on accessorizes, keeping things simple with a pair of silver studded earrings, but one thing he’s sure to include in his look each day is his “lucky Louis” Louis Vuitton scarf. With an outfit including so much detailing already, there’s really no need for more accessory than that. This look works for class or even a day out with friends.

Hint: This look is transitional from day to night. Simply remove the sweatshirt tied to the waist. Taking the scarf off is also a good idea. Something like that could easily be lost on a night out.


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