LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: A Surfer In The Mountains

Let's Hear it for the Boys

With all the spectacular views available to students around campus, attending a school in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains is far from depressing. However, it can cause a feeling of homesickness to some fellow students who reside by the beach because it’s hard transitioning from waves and sand to mountains and snow. This adjustment can be tough, but it won’t change you because don’t they say, “You can take the surfer away from the beach, but you can’t take the beach away from the surfer?”

Well, that just so happens to be true for this particular Fashionisto! As I was walking behind him on my way to class, I instantly noticed his wildly graphic sneakers. The subtle colors and detailed design made a perfect accent for this Fashionisto’s outfit. Paired with his shoes, he wore a classic pair of gray corduroys.  His beachy shoes and classic winter pants helped create a balanced mixture of his two different worlds. This Fashionisto also sported a fun graphic T-shirt under a chambray button-down. The combination of the cool T-shirt and unbuttoned shirt generates a relaxed and more comfortable look that is perfect for going to class.

By growing up in Virginia Beach, Virginia, this Fashionisto has acquired a beachy, carefree style. From Vans shoes to comfortable T-shirts to funky patterns, this Fashionisto’s outfit gave off beach vibes. And it just so happened that his laid back style matched his equally laid back personality.

Hint: Chambray shirts have been a fashion craze for quite sometime now, so don’t be afraid to try this trend out! From preppy to beachy to anything in between, a chambray button-down is a must-have. Also add some lively prints into your wardrobe to stand out on campus.


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