LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: A Style of Their Own

Let's Hear it for the Boys

There is more to creating a fashionable look than the clothes used. Imagination, creativity and a certain “swagger” make the pieces of an outfit come together. You have to own the look and these Fashionistos have the whole package.

Two Fashionistos are better than one. Little did I know, these two Fashionistos design their own clothing line and are wearing a few of their own pieces. The Fashionisto on the left was spotted wearing a fresh pair of Nike Air Jordan 3 1988 OGs, dark-washed jeans and a sweatshirt designed with his creativity. Designed by their clothing line, Achilles Clothing, the front pocket of the plain, black sweatshirt brings a bold statement to his look with a woodland print.

The Fashionisto on the right was spotted wearing a pair of Ralph Lauren boots, a cool necklace from a thrift shop and a bandana designed by Achilles Clothing. Both of these Fashionistos know fashion and are wearing a gold GUESS watch and a gold Michael Kors watch. Now that’s what I call telling time in style! Achilles Clothing is an up and coming, street style clothing line designed in Western Massachusetts. A website is currently being constructed in response to their rise in popularity.

Hint: With a black canvas, any printed accessory can be added in your outfits. Make it your own and accessorize more! Bring some swagger to your look by choosing a printed item you think is daring, including headphones (I have a pair of these myself and I highly recommend them!), belts and jungle print ties. All kinds of prints are an important trend in 2013. Black and gold is a good color combination, but if you want something different than the gold accessories these two Fashionistos, switch it up to one of your favorite silver chains or silver watch.


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