LETS HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: A Return to Normalcy

Let's Hear it for the Boys

For University of Michigan students, this first week in January was a week of returns. Returning to classes, the dorms, polar vortex temperatures (not so thrilled about that one) and the routine nature of student life. To famously quote former president Warren G. Harding, this time of year is a “Return to Normalcy” for students in Ann Arbor. Furthermore, I am decreeing that this applies not only to daily routine, but to sartorial choices as well.

Let me elaborate. Winter dressing after the holidays can be a bummer, plain and simple. Beginning a new semester after a relaxing break can feel like you’re entering a dark tunnel without a beam of light for a while to come. Have I over-dramatized you to death yet? Essentially, without an end to the winter chill in sight, it can be tempting to throw any thought of appearance out the window and dress solely for comfort. However, this disregard for fashion can be avoided by making your own “return to normalcy.” Go back to the basics, back to what you know will always look good. Breaking out the classics will never fail at making you look cohesive and clean without having to put unnecessary amounts of effort into your appearance! Win-win!

This Fashionisto absolutely nails this back-to-basics idea. The wash of his jeans caught my initial attention. I can’t stress this next point enough: straight-cut, dark wash jeans are the holy grail of male denim. Invest in a couple pairs and they will last you through all seasons and pairings. Also, he creates a small cuff at the bottom of his pant leg, which is vital to avoid fraying and, therefore, preserves the quality of the pant. It makes the entire look much more streamlined and sophisticated. For shoes, he is wearing classic, dark-brown suede boots. This is a top-notch shoe choice for when it is not snowing. They are practical, but still sleek and stylish, and the color will go with almost anything.

To keep warm, he chose a simple, black peacoat. This is my choice outerwear for men and women alike. This style was popular eighty years ago, and I’m certain it will be popular for eighty more, and then some. I have never seen one instance in my life of a person looking bad in a black peacoat. It is THE winter staple, and they come in a range of prices that will fit into even a college budget. What really tops off this look, though (literally), is his green knit hat. It adds a pop of color and liveliness to his outfit, a necessity against a very grey January day.

Hint: Great, classic pieces don’t have to break the bank! This Fashionisto shared with me that he got both his jeans and coat from Old Navy, which is a haven for bargain hunters who still value quality.


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