Let's Hear it for the Boys

Flashback to your middle school/early high school years, and you are likely to reminisce on some kind of punk rock or goth stage that you had along the way. The days of sporting the newest Vans, blaring My Chemical Romance and having side bangs were one of the most prime stages for some of us. Although we seem to grow out of these phases as we grow older, often times we still subconsciously seem to have adolescent stereotypes branded into our heads such as being “preppy” or “emo.” However, it’s important to realize how these subcultures are translated in everyday lives beyond just teenage “phases.” This is where the creative and expressive realm of fashion comes in.

This week’s Fashionisto was definitely a one of a kind catch as he sported a style that I have very rarely seen throughout my hunt for GWU’s best-dressed men. I couldn’t help but ask him what his inspiration was, when I found out that he enjoyed dressing with a gothic approach. His assortment of darker tones and unique ear piercings along with a killer pair of shoes were sure to reflect this.

Using the layering technique, he makes sure to keep warm using a black graphic tee, charcoal gray button-down, black zip-up hoodie and charcoal gray cargo pants. The ensemble is embellished using a striped black and white scarf with matching gloves. He maintains a monochromatic look whilst donning patterned accessories that brighten up the dark palette.

To top it off, he wears a pair of leather combat boots that perfectly complement the rest of his getup. Every bit of detail, from the buckles to the laces, on these boots make a bold, confident statement. The silver studs on the straps give the entire look a sense of edginess in the midst of a combination of darker hues. It’s almost rare to see guys sport knee-high boots, but this Fashionisto is a testament to the fact that it can indeed be done.

Hint: The beauty of fashion is that it allows us all to truly become unique individuals. It’s important to look beyond subculture stereotypes and embrace the diversity of all the different creative approaches that people adorn. Don’t be afraid to get out of your usual comfort zone and try a new kind of look! You can easily mimic this Fashionisto’s look by creating an ensemble with darker tones such as these pair of edgy leather pants. If you’re aiming for more subtle pair of shoes that still stand out, experiment with a pair with an interesting texture such as these studded loafers.


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