Let's Hear it for the Boys

An outfit is a direct reflection of the way a person is feeling. It helps us grasp the way in which a person wants to be portrayed. One would assume that a girl wearing a flowy skirt and floral patterns is carefree and easy going. A person all dressed in black seems mature and wants to be taken seriously. Fashion gives people the leeway to tap into a million different styles suitable to either their personality or mood that day. Unconsciously, we attribute internal characteristics to how a person is presented from the exterior.

My favorite outfits are the ones with stories to them. When I spotted this Fashionisto I was pleasantly surprised to hear about his study abroad experience last semester in France. His detail-oriented outfit is a product of the French fashion scene. His scarf is a purchase from one of the many flea markets that France has to offer. I asked him if his style was altered while abroad. He said that it was impossible to ignore fashion’s influence in France, and that his style has evolved into a more mature and simple version of what it used to be. It’s fascinating how insightful an outfit can be to a person’s life. It personifies memories of the past, providing a link to cherished experiences.

Aside from this outfit’s context, it is visually appealing because of its color palette. His forest green pants and plaid button-down match well together, while his scarf adds a more urban feel to his preppy look. The most defining aspect to this ensemble is how mixes prints with his scarf and button-down, a tactic that if done well can make for a striking outfit. At first glance, one would assume that he is a laid back, fashion forward guy. Based off my conversation with him and his fashion escapades abroad, this assumption is probably right.

Hint: Mixing prints can be tricky. The best way to pull it off is by combining prints and colors that will balance each other.


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