LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: A Fair Win For Fair Isle

Let's Hear it for the Boys

I don’t know about you, but the winter season and the holiday break always get me in the mood to dress up a bit. If you’re back home for the holidays, you’re most likely out shopping for gifts, catching up with old friends and doing errands for your parents. You also may run into some people from high school you may or may not want to see. Let everyone know you can pull together a sophisticated look. Or at the very least change out of the sweatpants you’ve probably lived in since finals week. I’m sure your mom would love to wash them.

One of my favorite parts of this semester has been learning about men’s jackets. There are so many different styles and everyone wears them differently. This Fashionisto’s jacket is one of my favorites. It combines a couple different styles into one. The jacket plays with a vintage military style that is different from the utility jackets we have seen as of late. I like the light brown, gray color it has. It seems very versatile, and is a great alternative to the normal black, blue and gray that are go-to colors for coats. Try a similar style in a green color.

What print says ‘winter’ more than fair isle? Nothing. It’s a print that always seems to show up as the snow falls and something you will pull out year after year. I love how this Fashionisto’s colorful half zip sweater peaks out under his coat. Even on a cold day, it begs to be seen under other layers. His jeans are a great relaxed fit. The color is also very versatile, having the ability to be dressed down or up. His rolled cuffs reveal brown, red leather chukka style shoes. Chukkas can be great everyday shoes if you’re tired of your sneakers or boots. Because lets be honest, we all want to look a little classier once in a while.

Hint: Some people just don’t do prints, it’s understandable. Take baby steps and try a sweater with just a little print on the sleeves.


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