Let's Hear it for the Boys

Bill Cosby has given us many things to be thankful for in life. While some might say his comedy outweighs most of his successes, I’d like to think that the impact he unknowingly had on the fashion world was truly his best work. Though all of the Huxtables were fashion icons of their time, there’s one specific piece of clothing that will go down in history from all eight seasons of The Cosby Show: the infamous sweater. Putting the tacky, old guy sweater on the map, the Coz showed us how to easily put together an outfit fit for a full time doctor, dad and Fashionisto.

A sweater of this magnitude needs to be highlighted properly, or the entire outfit can get out of hand. Generally known for having loud patterns, and being made of thick scratchy material—the key with this sweater is to keep it simple. This means that you want to pick solid colors to match, and always make sure that you have a T-shirt layered underneath! Any basic style of T-shirt will do, but it’s always nice to pick a graphic that coordinates nicely with the rest of your look.

Chinos are a great choice of pants here as they are lightweight, and you can find them in just about any color. When asked about his brightly colored bottoms, this Fashionisto informed me that any time he sees chinos on sale—he purchases them right away. Building up your chino collection, is a great way to have a lot of pants options, and most guys just can’t get enough. However, if you’re like this Fashionisto and already have a closet full of chinos at your disposal, try checking out some joggers! Joggers are a basically dressy sweatpants, and look great partnered with any kind of top, as well as, styled with patterned socks on the bottom. This gives you the chance to continue your sweater pattern on your feet!

Choosing a sweater this bold might not make you the Coz himself, but it will make you just as stylish. If you can’t live the Huxtable lifestyle, you might as well borrow the closet!

Hint: There’s no better place to find a sweater like this than at your local thrift store. Macklemore truly knows best here, and you can’t deny a shopping spree that will leave you with a little extra change in your pocket. However, if you don’t have time for the hunt that these stores require, there are plenty of places that can help you get your Cosby look going to the max.


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