LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: A Breezy Color-Blocking

Let's Hear it for the Boys

When I was a kid, my mom told me her top dress-up rule: never wearing green and red together. This tip has a life-long powerful impact on me. You never see these two colors on me at same time. I’m a big fan of military green and I love a brush of red on winter wardrobe. But I’ve always compromised and chosen black for winter accessories, all because of that “golden tip” from my mom. When everyone was extolling the hot pink and turquoise color-blocking dress on the latest Dior runway show, I was still on the speculative side, with my mom.

This Fashionisto broke my mom’s rule. I have no idea what my mother would think of it, but he definitely impressed me.

His military green puffer jacket works perfectly with the red, faded navy and white plaid shirt. Green and red create a cozy and chic harmony in his look. Differentiated from commonly seen intensively color-blocking pairs, his green and red combo is like a refreshingly breeze. It is more applicable to a day look as well.

Every color on him is fresh and clean. He transformed color-blocking, which is one of the most sophisticated fashion tricks, to a user-friendly dressing tip effortlessly. For those who afraid of color-blocking, including me, a light hue combo is a great start. For the upcoming spring, an airy silhouette in light color-blocking hues easily sets our hearts aflutter.

Hint: To keep your pastels from looking too sweet, focus on details, a baby blue vintage shirt with lightly frays and fades is an excellent choice. Decking it out with a chunky sweater, you look comfy but flirty.


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