Let's Hear it for the Boys

As we all restock our closets with knitted scarves, beanies, sweaters and all sorts of warm attire, there’s one essential piece that almost every girl can agree on being a must-have as we ease into winter: boots! We’ve all been exposed to the classic leggings and knee-high boots combination, along with the variation of ankle boots in the fall and heeled boots when we’re feeling a bit adventurous. Girls seem to have an endless array of options to choose from when it comes to these versatile shoes, but how about our boys?

Although a bit underrated in the realm of menswear, boots are slowly but surely making their way back, both on and off the runway (check out Topman’s 2013 fall collection) through a wide array of colors, styles and fits. As a strong advocate of boots, I couldn’t help but immediately fall in love with how this week’s Fashionisto strategically incorporated a perfect pair into his ensemble, revitalizing a statement that no well-dressed man wants to miss out on.

There is no doubt that a passerby can’t help but take note of this gentlemen’s trendy Aston Grey boots. Their unique wingtip design in a brown worn-in leather gives the shoes the perfect vintage feel. What I love about this outfit is how he manages to coordinate every other piece with his boots while maintaining an aesthetically appealing fall look.

First off, his burgundy Topman pants in a slim fit are strategically cuffed just the right amount to flaunt the ankle length and brogue accents of the shoes. As I’ve mentioned before, the key to staying warm and stylish this fall is layering up the right way, and this Fashionisto does just that. By pairing a button-down underneath a striped sweater and finishing off with a Levi’s jacket, he is sure to incorporate a touch of the current denim trend while still adding a hint of personality with the statement sweater.

As a boot fanatic, my favorite type (as one can clearly see from one glance at my shoe rack) is hands down combat boots. Not only are they extremely versatile (by potentially enhancing either a grunge look or a sleek ensemble), but they also are a perfect way to make a bold impression.

Hint: Combat boots date back as early as 1000 BC when armies used them for their functional characteristics (excuse me as I channel my inner history geek). Fast forward thousands of years and, voila, you’ve got a trending icon. Explore the realm of combat boots with a classic black pair or step out of your comfort zone and opt for a more colorful option such as these Dr. Martens. Remember, fashion is forever evolving as styles are re-purposed. Invest in a pair of boots, whether they’re combat or not, and you’ll find yourself appreciating artistically expressing yourself just as men have ages ago.


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