Let's Hear it for the Boys

Some people believe that time is cyclical. Cyclical meaning the repetition of the past. In fashion, we are seeing this theory play out right in front of us. This generation has a fascination with the ’90s, a time where everything was much simpler. This includes fashion inspiration from the ’90s as well. The ’90s was described as the era of grunge. Plaid flannels, jean vests and Chuck Taylors were all the rage in the ’90s. In 2014, both guys and girls are reinventing themselves by paying homage to the grunge era. This week’s Fashionisto shows us how to pull off the ’90s grunge look for the new millennium.

The first thing I noticed about this Fashionisto’s outfit was his denim vest. Denim was a huge part of the grunge era. It was all about the denim shirt, vest or anything else that didn’t involve pants. This trend has played out again in this generation. This Fashionisto pairs his denim vest with a red flannel, which was another staple from the grunge era. These types of shirts were major staples for grunge bands in the ’90s, worn by musicians such as the legendary front man for Nirvana, Kurt Cobain. Now, flannels are even being worn around your waist the same way hipsters wore them in the ’90s.

The rest of this Fashionisto’s outfit brings the ’90s look into this generation. His burgundy Nike Roshe Run sneakers match his beanie perfectly. I like the way the look stays consistent with one color, in this case red. This consistency is exactly what allows the denim vest to stand out. All in all, this look not only tells us where we have been in history, but also where we are going. I am a firm believer that time, in reference to fashion, does repeat itself. Luckily for ’90s fashion, this generation has finally taken notice of and given credit to the fact that grunge is and has always been fashion—and this Fashionisto is a prime example of that trend.

Hint: If pairing flannel and a denim top together is too ’90s for you, then try pairing one with something more simple. Layering a short sleeve button-up shirt under a denim vest is a cool way to make the grunge look a little more street wear rather than looking like Nirvana’s front man.


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