LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: 2 Chainz But I Got Me A Few On

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Savannah, Georgia is home to me for so many reasons. I’ve spent almost four years now in this small, historical city and I never imagined I would have so many amazing memories in this place. One thing I was not expecting to experience in such a small town was the eclectic array of fashion and a wide range of personal style. SCAD students make up a large portion of the community here and as a result, the city is bursting with influences from all over the world. This wide range of diversity has grown and developed within this urban climate throughout my time here.

Urban street style is possibly one of the most exciting and influential styles that can be found in Savannah. One thing I have learned while studying at SCAD is that “style tribes” have a huge impact on fashion trends. In other words, people who can define a style or a look that has the power to influence a generation are truly innovators shaping the future of fashion. Historically, elements of urban style tribes have a tendency to resurface on designer runways.

This Fashionisto’s style incorporates graphic imagery and a unique assortment of accessories. The hoodless black sweatshirt he wears features a colorful, ethnic graphic with the term 99 cents “painted” on in white numbers. Two thin gold chains around his neck serve as a clever reference to rapper 2 Chainz and give this casual look a chic aesthetic. Black Jordan’s with blue detailing complement the colors in the sweater. The gold hardware on his belt coordinates with his gold chains and the all-white watch he wears brightly contrasts from the overall darkness of his outfit.

Hint: Creating an urban look that feels personal and authentic is something that any savvy Fashionisto can achieve. Try something like this crewneck sweater that features leather sleeves. A thin, gold chain shows personality without being overly extravagant. Finally, cool graphics and patterns such as those found on this snapback will give you the edge to complete your look. As with any personal style, acquiring unique items that represent you happens over time. Don’t be afraid to make bold choices because you never know who you might influence.


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