LET’S HEAR FOR THE BOYS: Bright Colors, Cold Weather

Let's Hear it for the Boys

What better way to end the semester than with a burst of color? It dropped down to a frigid 12-degrees a short few days ago, and yet I found this Fashionisto completely unphased by the chill. I was quite struck by this his colorful sense of style and how he has very gracefully paired very bright and contrasting colors together in a single look. His style is quite contrary to a lot of other winter fashion, and it is absolutely worth talking about.

The most obvious piece of clothing this Fashionisto is wearing would be his bright orange pants. Now, usually I would say that orange pants are a bit tough to incorporate into your look or wardrobe. However, there is something very appealing about the semi-formal cut of these orange trousers. They seem to be formal enough to work into a wardrobe without being too distracting, but they provide enough excitement to seem very unique and different. You can find some similar pants here and here.

The cotton blazer this Fashionisto is wearing is similarly interesting as it really stands on the border between being casual and formal. The cut of the blazer, and the fact that it is a blazer, gives the jacket the invaluable ability to be dressed up. However, because of the material quality of cotton it is also easy to wear, this blazer as a more casual piece. Here is a semi-similar blazer. Interestingly, the button-up this Fashionisto has selected can also be easily dressed up or down but with how he has prepared his ensemble his whole look is more casual-cool than anything.

Hint: Mixing up different colors can give you a very striking look, especially if you are contrasting the norm for a season. Bright colors can absolutely work in the winter if you want them to. It’s just all about how you combine different tones and hues to make an eye-catching and interesting look.


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