INTERNSHIP FASHIONISTA: The White Button-up Revamped

Internship Fashionista

In the Big Apple we’ve been having a serious rise in the amount of mosquitos flying around and as the mosquito count goes up, so does the count of those nasty little red bumps that start appearing on our arms and legs. To cover up their precious skin from the bugs and to remain cool, I’ve seen interns everywhere begin to trade in their summery, skin-baring ensembles for clothes that offer more coverage. The trick to this trend that shields your skin from bites while also keeping you cool is to choose gauzy fabrics like cotton, silk, or linen. Today’s Internship Fashionista shielded her tan skin from those pesky little bugs by opting for a long sleeved button-up made of a thin linen material.

This isn’t your average button-up though. Unlike the Internship Fashionistas who tuck their pressed button-ups into their black pencil skirts and tailored pants, today’s Internship Fashionista opted to go big on her classic white button-up. This look is fabulous and sexy in the most unexpected and, more importantly, understated way. The large button-up should drown this Internship Fashionista’s small frame but, rather, it keeps the outfit fresh and surprising and shows off her fabulous legs. For those Fashionistas looking to show off their legs while still looking modest around the office, try an oversized white button-up to draw attention away from your middle and chest and down to the tan you’ve been working on all summer long. To balance out the little with the big and to maintain her shape and to keep it simple, today’s Internship Fashionista wore a muted purple tank underneath the button-up, an awesome pair of triangle hoop earrings, and neutral heels. Her makeup was equally neutral and understated so as to let the big components of this outfit really shine. This outfit is perfect as the weather remains in the awkward limbo between hot and cool, because the thin fabric lets your skin breathe but also covers it up so mosquitos can’t get to it. It’s also perfect for wanting to end your internship with a bang but not an office inappropriate bang!



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