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Since it’s late in the summer brighter is typically thought to be better, while pastels are thought to be only appropriate for spring and early summer. Today’s Internship Fashionista wasn’t following suit in the transition from early to late summer, nor was she following the trend of the bright and bold looks of a typical Internship Fashionista. That is precisely why she stood out. The color of her dress was more subdued than the bright reds and bold blues I’ve been seeing around the office. It was lighter and more playful than the sometimes-too-serious and vivid Internship Fashionista colors. But because pastels are typically seen on Easter Sunday dresses and worn by younger girls, how can an Internship Fashionista wear light colors and still be taken seriously around the office?

Today’s Internship Fashionista chose a sleeveless polo dress with casual pockets in a pretty semi-sheer fabric resembling chiffon. The fabric keeps the dress looking classy and cool, while the pockets, collar, gold buttons, and relaxed pleats keep it casual and mature enough for work. These elements give the ensemble an adult and work appropriate feel to balance out the pastel color, while her leather and gold side-release-buckle belt and neutral sandals keep the outfit youthful and playful for summer.

It’s hard trying to balance looking young, fashionable, and summery with looking professional and mature for an internship. Today’s Internship Fashionista chose her youthful and flirty pastel color to remind us to keep it light for summer and to stand out amongst the sometimes overstated bright colors, but she also kept it mature by choosing a classy fabric with adult and work appropriate elements such as a collar, gold buttons, and pockets. Her awesome belt, neutral shoes, and silver accessories kept her looking fashion forward. Most importantly, I'm sure the sleeveless aspect of her dress must’ve kept her cool while running errands around midtown for her internship!


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