INTERNSHIP FASHIONISTA: Maxi Dress, Maximum Potential

Internship Fashionista

A couple of summers ago, dresses became longer… a lot longer. In fact, they reached all the way to the floor. Maxi dresses have stayed in and have changed with the trends from summer to summer. This week’s Fashionista interns at Elle magazine, so she must keep up with what’s going on in the fashion and beauty world. Just like any other intern though, it’s imperative that she maintains a sense of professionalism at the same time.

Maxi dresses are both stylish and professional. At work, they will never leave you wondering if they’re too short to be wearing in the office! The right maxi dress flatters the female figure because it is slimmest around the waist in order to emphasize curves. How has the popular maxi dress changed with the trends? A popular trend this season is sheer clothing, so one variation of the maxi dress became sheer to be worn with some type of slip dress underneath (If your favorite part of your body is your legs, be sure to try out this maxi dress style so they can still show through!). With the intense summer heat that hits New York City every summer, the key to a maxi dress is to pick some type of sheer or chiffon-based material instead of one made of cotton; cotton traps heat and chiffon is so airy that heat will flow right through the dress.

This Fashionista's maxi dress combines small polka-dots and muted colors, both trends this season as well. Her cute bag, retro shades, and short heels complete her internship ensemble. On the beauty end, she sports a bold red lip, popular on the runways of Marc by Marc Jacobs and featured in “How To” sections of magazines such as Glamour and Elle.

Check out this maxi dress to try the sheer look; it's also bright in color for summer! In addition try this white embroidered version of the maxi dress. If you dare to try a less airy fabric in this summer heat, check out this maxi dress. If you want to try out the polka-dot trend instead of the maxi-dress, try out this dress.


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