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While New York City has been blessed this summer with some amazing weather, the time has finally come for the real heat to take over the city. In most situations I would find myself embracing the heat, but on days when I have to dress for work it can be difficult to convince myself that dress pants are a good idea for the long workday ahead. If you are an intern in New York City, you can count on part of your work day including running around the city doing a few errands during the day so when the temperatures begin to rise it can be difficult for us interns who are often running throughout the city to dress professionally without finding ourselves drenched in sweat by the time we return to the office. This Internship Fashionista was able to do just that by wearing a high-waist skirt and a sleeveless top.

I ran into this Internship Fashionista on my walk home from work and made a mental note on how refreshed she looked. The heat didn’t seem to be having any affect on her work wear so I knew I had to stop her and find out her secret. Her advice on dressing for the heat is to opt for more dresses and skirts since they allow for a breeze while your walking as apposed to pants that often just seem to stick and become tighter in the heat as the workday progresses. So, if you haven’t already taken advantage of the amazing summer sales currently going on in the city I suggest you do! If there is one more piece of clothing you should make sure to invest in, it's work appropriate summer skirts and dresses.

To be stylish in the heat I recommend checking out  H&M or Aritzia, they both have a great selection of fun work aproprait dresses and skirts. Some are even on sale!  My personal favorite is this pastel one.  The length is great for work and it has pockets! What more could a girl ask for? Also since this dress is very basic you can choose to play it up by adding some bolder accessories. Once you have found your perfect skirt or dress for work you’ll be ready to embrace the heat!


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