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The CFDA Instagram account is one of our favorite accounts to follow. CFDA’s account always features inspiring pictures that give a glimpse into the world of fashion. The creative mind behind this larger than life Instagram account is CFDA’s Digital Communications Manager, Kristine Keller. Not only does this account feature fashion, but it also mixes in some decor. Kristine never fails at dishing us our daily dose of fashion (and interiors!). We can’t seem to peel our eyes off of her posts and we think you will feel the same way (follow them @CFDA). Read below for our interview with Kristine about fashion, decor and inspiration on Instagram.

CollegeDormista: Do you feel like fashion and interior design are similar?

Kristine Keller: They are similar in that they are visual, external manifestations of who you are. With fashion you’re using clothing and accessories as armor to announce yourself to the world and enhance your self-efficacy. When I’m wearing something I love, I’m more productive and creative. Similarly, your home announces itself to first-time visitors. It makes a statement about what type of atmosphere you’re comfortable in and about your interests. 

CD: Do you and your colleagues at CFDA notice different interior styles from the many fashion designers you work with?

KK: Absolutely! We conduct a series called “the CFDA & Tumblr at the Home,” where we invite prominent bloggers to the homes of some of our designers and you can always see their designs mirrored in their homes. That makes sense because say you are a designer who loves working with leather and metallic, you might be more inclined to incorporate those elements into your home.

CD: How would you describe your interior style?

KK: It’s definitely changing as I get older and learn more about myself. My first home in New York City I was all about shabby chic and distressed pieces. After three years I can’t look at distressed silver and white. I think it’s important to really invest on your home when you definitively know your style. I’m glad most of my furniture was flea market finds, because I didn’t feel bad replacing it in my new home. Right now I’m working on a black and white aesthetic for my room. I know I want simple, minimal pieces.

CD: What are your favorite pieces in your home?

KK: I just moved two weeks ago, which is exciting because I can completely redefine my style and select new pieces. So far I’m taking it slow because I want to choose pieces that I won’t grow tired of in a few years. I’m into more industrial designs right now but want to be careful not to go completely one direction. The final product will definitely be eclectic. I just ordered this Edison floor lamp, which I’m excited about.

CD: How do you use Instagram as a platform for inspiration?

KK: Instagram is equivalent to reading a magazine. If you want home, food, literary, fashion inspiration, it’s all there. Sometimes if I’m having writers block I’ll consume Instagram like a magazine by searching my favorite people and scrolling through their archives. I follow so many great people- sometimes I need everyone to calm down and stop being so inspiring or I’ll reach capacity and my phone will break.

CD: Who are your favorite inspiring people to follow on Instagram?

KK: The CFDA, of course! I hope the account inspires people—it documents so many different arenas, from over four hundred and fifty designers, to incredible partners we work with every day. Then as most girls my age, I’m creepily obsessed with Mindy Kaling and anything she says I’ll fall to my knees. I love National Geographic’s Instagram because it reminds me how amazing and huge the world is. I’ve also discovered that Instagram is great if you’ve never eaten at a restaurant and want to see what the food is like – I’m planning on having brunch at Buvette NYC very soon after their thumbing through their salivating photos. I’m also continually inspired by my close friends who visually capture how they contribute to the world in amazing ways.

CD: What is your favorite photo you have posted on Instagram?

KK: There’s one I posted this summer of the sun setting in Montauk. I’m big on sky photos. Plus, there are just way too many great puns you can make incorporating “Montauk” (photo: skies are taukin’) and I’m not shy about indulging in them.

CD: What advice can you give to students on finding their own inspirations?

KK: Be insatiably curious. Consume everything, from fashion magazines, to the New York Times, to The Economist. The best sources of inspiration come from an amalgamation of completely different mediums, both low and high culture—I’m never afraid to say that I’m reading Christopher Hitchens while simultaneously listening to Selena Gomez. You have to be exposed to it all to stay in the know! 


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