Thanks to the talent of app developers, the parameters of Instagram are expanding when it comes to creative expression. Users can download quirky sticker apps, funny face warping apps and apps that stitch photos together collage style. However, my personal favorite are those that allow users to create new filters and show off their photographic prowess. Ashley Martin (@TRASHLEYMARTIN) uses VSCO CAM, an application created to allow photographers to pair their skills with a more advanced editing software. Ashley is just a college student from Indiana with a background in photography and a major sense of style. Her Instagram is literally picture perfect.

CollegeDormista: You’ve been involved in photography throughout high school and into college. How has this affected your Instagram usage?

Ashley Martin:  I was really into photography in high school, but I just like to use Instagram more as a photographic journal than anything else. I think knowing the basics of photography, such as composition, lighting, etc., has helped my Instagram create some kind of appeal to other instagrammers.

CD: What is VSCO CAM and how do you use it?

AM: VSCO CAM is my favorite editing app! I like to consider it an Instagram for photographers. I find a lot of great talent on there. They also have a huge variety of great filters & they make it easy for anyone to edit pictures.

CD: You have an absolutely adorable apartment which you show off on Instagram. Could you tell us more about your decorating style?

AM: I can’t even put my style into words now that I think about it. I like color & prints, but I also like clean & simple. I just like pretty things & attempting to make it all flow together. I’m a fairly broke college student, so I pretty much make do with the stuff I have collected over the years. I’ve picked up a lot of cool things from Goodwill, Salvo, & antique shops around Fort Wayne, IN.

CD: What are some tips you’d give to fellow Dormistas in regards to decorating an apartment?

AM: Always look for new inspiration, but also stick to decor you actually like & are comfortable with. I’ve ended up buying stuff because I thought it was trendy, but never ended up actually using it. Also it helps to have a roommate for a second opinion with similar taste.

CD: What are some other ways you express yourself creatively? 

AM: While I have always loved photography, I really like clothes, a lot. It’s a problem…almost. I think fashion is the most literal sense of expression of how you’re feeling at any given moment. I also really enjoy poetry. I’m not a poet myself, but I was an English Literature major when I transferred to IPFW, so I’ve attended my fair share of poetry readings.

CD: What’s your favorite Instagram filter?

AM: I’m actually not a big instagram filter user, since I mostly stick to VSCO, but if I had to choose, I would go with Mayfair. 


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