IN HER SPACE: Stephanie Hayman


Dormify is one of our favorite places to snag amazing decor pieces for small spaces. Behind every great brand are great employees and Dormify has one of coolest chicks we know, Stephanie Hayman. Hanging in Stephanie’s apartment (that she shares with her entrepreneur beau) immediately makes us envious. From her homemade art pieces on the walls to her robust guitar collection, Hayman is a tastemaker in its truest form. Sneak a peak at her pad.

College Dormista: How would you describe your decor style?

Stephanie Hayman: Organic – literally and figuratively! I use a lot of neutral colors, patterns and materials. I also took my time decorating my Soho apartment with pieces I already had – most of which are things that represent both my boyfriend and me – our décor style evolved even more when I slowly added in new finds that worked well within the space.

CD:  Has your decorating taste evolved over time? 

SH: I am not afraid of patterns and colors anymore. I’ve learned that you don’t need to play it safe (or plain) to have a chic or sophisticated look in your space. In fact, mixing in colors and combining patterns can bring the chic-ness of your apartment to a whole new level.

CD: What are your favorite pieces in your apartment?

SH: I love the pieces in my apartment that have meaning. My mom’s two best friends gave me this incredible black & white peace flag piece of art; one of them is the artist. Our coffee table, my parents gave me from our house that I grew up in. The “Hippie’s Use Side Door” painting, was inspired by something from Erik’s house he grew up in, and I painted it the night we moved in! The beach photo in our office is one that Erik took when we visited Tulum. The guitars, skateboards, and bikes – we decorated with, but also use on a weekly basis. All of these pieces have a story and give our space character.

CD: Does your personal style reflect the way you decorated your apartment?

SH: 100%! In both my personal style and home décor aesthetic, I tend to ignore popular notions of what is expected, and combine disparate styles, patterns, and colors that result in an unexpected yet cohesive and unique look.

CD: What advice can you give to students on decorating a small space?

SH: 1) Do not ignore your walls- You may not have very much surface space, so get creative and make use of your walls to display art, house books, and found objects, and even create a work space on your walls with a whiteboard or cork board. You can even wallpaper or paint your ceiling to add some height to your space.

2) Use multipurpose pieces- If you are going to bring in anything to your space it should have more than one function – add a ton of throw pillows to your bed for personality, but also to easily turn your bed into a daybed or couch by lining up the pillows along the long edge. Incorporate a pouf into your space and use it as an ottoman, coffee table, or an extra seat.

3) Add life- If you have access to fresh flowers, they are an easy way to add life, and glam, and sophistication into your space. Keep your arrangements short and stacked for a modern and fresh look.

CD: What are your favorite decor accessories from dormify?

SH: My favorites are the ones that I have used in my apartment! I love the Dormify Ribbon & Print that I have in my room. It is a sweet and subtle way to represent that I share this apartment with my boyfriend, Erik. This is a great piece for “roomies” and it comes in a variety of vibrant colors. All of Dormify’s throw pillows – the entire category – have so much personality, you can never have enough and I love to mix and match. In my office, I added four of the Origami Pillow for some geometric flare in a somewhat “beachy” space. Finally, the Graph Cork Board I use in my kitchen. These seven inch square cork boards come in a set of eight and you can arrange them however you wish.



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