Letting your fingers do the walking has never been so trendy and chic before, thanks to producer and nail-artist of Miss Ladyfinger, Taryn Multack.  With a trained eye and uncanny talent, Taryn, quite literally, finds everyday inspiration at the very tip of her finger. By translating the mania of everyday street trends and fashion into manicures, Miss Ladyfinger brings nail art to unique and novel dimensions.  A Magna cum laude graduate of Syracuse University with a degree in fashion design, it’s debatable whether her resume or self-taught nail artistry is more impressive. Now a New York City gal, she makes hailing for taxis fashionable with flashy fingers, providing simple step-by-step instructions for us fellow fashion fiends.

CollegeDormista: Describe the decor in your apartment…

Miss Lady Finger: Contemporary 

CD: What piece in your apartment has the most history behind it? Where is it from? Tell us the story! 

MLF: All the picture frames in my room were given to me by my mom throughout the years from her different shopping adventures. I filled them all with black and white photos of my family. Since I’m from Chicago, it’s a nice reminder of home while I’m here in New York.

CD: Is your personal fashion style influenced by your space or vice versa?

MLF: It’s hard to pinpoint my style (through fashion or otherwise). But at the end of the day I’d have to say that my overall style is minimal— just slightly androgynous– with a simple pop of color. I am really attracted to dark wood and moody decor. You won’t ever see me wearing or living in anything too girly.  

CD: After a long day at work where is your go-to hang out in your apartment?

MLF: My room is on the smaller side, so my bed is within feet of my large screen TV making it like an in-home movie theater. Nothing quite beats getting cozy in my bed to watch Scandal. All of my friends call it ’The Cloud’.  

CD: What can’t you live without in your space?

MLF: My gigantic color coordinated nail polish wall. 

CD: If you could live in one person’s home whose would it be?

MLF: Sarah Jessica Parker  

CD: Any tips you can share with our readers looking to update their small spaces?

MLF: Since space is limited work with what you’ve got. The reality is that a lot of storage is going to be exposed, but don’t let your stuff call the shots. Keep small things in patterned pouches that play of your rooms hue and cover shoe boxes in fun wrapping paper of your choice. Don’t forget to use your wall space! 

CD: Words to live by

MLF: Breathe deep and let go. 


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