IN HER SPACE: Erica Domesek, PS I Made This


We ventured into New York City resident, savvy fashion influencer and the ultimate DIY queen, Erica Domesek’s (PS I Made This) creative space; and weren’t surprised to find that it is a mix of her eclectic style, fun classic pieces and quirky vintage items. She has accomplished every Fashionista’s dream by making a career out of her hobby and now even more with an office where you wish you could live in! Not only is her office inspirational but it is also a place where creativity is celebrated, and what more could we ask for?

CollegeDormista: Describe the overall decor feel of your office.

Erica Domesek: The office is fun!  It’s a little creative zone where the bright tones and pops of color and mash of artistic and crafty memories and inspiration are glued to the walls (literally).

CD: Do you find your fashion sense reflected in your office’s style  (and vice versa)? How so?
ED: Not so much in the office overall, but my desk and area where I sit… yes! I love mixing patterns and pops of color and randomness. 
CD: What is one thing you could not live without in your office?
ED: My craft closet! and all of my gold tools. They are everything.
CD: Has your decor style evolved a lot since being in college?
ED: I was very preppy and simple. Thinking back to my freshman year (omg, 15 years ago) I had a collage on my wall i made of my friends and tons of throw pillows. I still have an obsession for throw pillows… some things never changed, however my overall esthetic is more elevated now.
CD: Favorite DIY item you’ve created for your office?
ED: I love the art wall behind my desk. I makes me so happy.

CD: If you could change or update one thing in your apartment right now, regardless of cost, what would it be and why?
ED: I would build a lofted storage area with a rolling ladder. We have so many past projects that take up space and I would really love to maximize space.  I would also love a new kitchen and countertop. Oh! While I’m at it, I think painting a few walls.

CD: Best tip for students to maximize space when living in a small space like a dorm room or studio apartment?
ED: Dorm rooms with lofted beds are a great idea. Anytime you can raise things off the floor or surface (hanging pictures vs. putting on a table) you open up the space. Drawing your eye as high as you can, is a way to feel like the space is larger. 


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