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While Jessica Hendricks, founder of The Brave Collection, was teaching English in Thailand, she made a trip to Cambodia only to witness how prominent human trafficking was on the streets of this beautiful country. She then decided to create a collection in order to spark conversation of this extremely important issue. By purchasing one of these Cambodian handmade bracelets, you are “making a donation to fight human trafficking, celebrating and sustaining the work of fair-trade artisans and joining a global community of dreamers and change-makers.” Ten percent of the proceeds are donated to non-profit organizations. To learn more about Jessica and her mission for change, check out her amazing video story here. Style Guru Janice Tran got the chance to “fight towards a slave-free world” with one of these amazing bracelets, be sure to check out how she chose to style her piece below.

I am one that appreciates simplicity and effortless style. I wanted to keep my accessories light in order to focus on my bracelet from The Brave Collection. This collection is composed of hand-made jewelry from Cambodia. Years ago, over 30 percent of their entire population was killed due to genocide, and unfortunately, adversity continues to exist. There are few opportunities left, and I think it’s time us Fashionistas begin to lend a hand to try to alleviate their conditions and to support this self-sustaining business.

When I came across this DKNY wool jacket at Crossroad’s Trading and probably paid a small fraction of the retail price, I was excited. It’s like finding your size in the sale section of your favorite store. Yes, it feels that good. The subtle animal print on top of the dark gray color way, adds a lot to my ensemble. I decided to wear my favorite worn in grey sweatshirt over these cool pair of jeans from Buffalo Jeans by David Bitton. You’re probably thinking those look like any other pairs of ordinary denim jeans. Nope. The face of this denim is blue while the back is a darker indigo, and this adds another detail when I decided to roll up my jeans and have the hues of blue play off on one another. And to complete and make this outfit more dressy for my lunch date in SoHo, I threw on a pair of patent leather heels. Of course, it’s hard to work on your pretty cobble stone streets, but for fashion – we all have to make some sacrifices

“Courage is contagious” – and it begins with you.


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