Give Well, Live Well: The Giving Keys

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‘Pay it forward’ is the best way to describe the company, The Giving Keys. Founder, singer/song writer Caitlin Crosby, came up with the idea by sporting an old New York hotel room key around her neck and later decided to engrave inspirational words onto it. The idea then spread to passing along the necklace when someone else in your life may need those words of encouragement. The company helps the community by employing people looking to transition out of homelessness and into a happier and healthier life by helping them get back on their feet… talk about paying it forward. Check out how Style Guru Kali Concepcion decided to style her key.

The holidays are just around the corner and I can’t wait to catch up with friends and family, drink hot chocolate and just the overall spirit of kindness that encompasses the season of giving. I was very fortunate to receive an early gift a couple weeks ago when a little package made its way to my house, and inside of it was a charming, delicate necklace with a simple key attached. The key reads “hope,” and was generously given to me by the Giving Keys, an amazing company dedicated to passing on inspirational messages with their jewelry, as well as aiding people in transitioning out of homelessness. Engraved in my key is the word “hope” and the goal is to eventually pass my key on to someone else who may need that message. With their lovely rustic creations, the Giving Keys’ efforts are to spread hope through a chain reaction to those who may really need it, using both their jewelry and their inspiring cause.

This simple, rustic necklace is an utterly charming accessory that I knew would complement just about any ensemble, but I wanted to kind of play on its simplicity and make it stand out rather than overpower it. I opted for the on-trend monochrome color scheme incorporating one of my favorite go-to loose t-shirts paired with sleek, gray cropped pants. These insane ankle boots are from Shoe Cult by NASTY GAL and I think they make the perfect unexpected statement piece that completes the look with that little bit of something you didn’t know you needed. As far as accessories go, I like to keep it simple; therefore I couldn’t resist my favorite pewter suede bag from Zara or my much-loved gold and silver rings and bracelets, topped off with the giving key necklace as the perfect finishing touch.

This simple piece of jewelry goes such a long way; longer than we can even imagine if we continue passing it on. We can never know the countless ways in which this cause has helped thousands of people, but what we can do as Fashionistas is lend our hand in spreading the message by sporting this beautiful jewelry and encouraging others to do so as well- so what key will you get?


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