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Born and raised in Chicago myself, there are so many things I love about the city. Among those are the people, food and, of course, the fashion. Lucky for me, fellow Chicagoan and blogger Jena Gambaccini of ChiCityFashion shares my interests by showcasing the fabulous fashion happening in “The Windy City.” Gambaccini also posts pictures of some of her daily outfits, which include a lot of her “obsession”: Proenza Schouler. Check out our Q&A with Gambaccini as she discusses why she loves our shared hometown, Chicago, its fashion and how to survive (and still look chic) during those harsh winters.

CollegeFashionista: Although you frequently mention that you wish to bring the fashion 'hype' of New York or Paris to the city of Chicago, what do you think Chicago has to offer to the fashion industry that other cities do not? What makes it unique?

Jena Gambaccini: The fashion community here is very supportive of one another and I think it's an encouraging way to get started in the industry. As far as the style here goes, it's an interesting mix you can't really pinpoint. You can say New York style is edgy and minimalist while LA is bohemian and relaxed…but Chicago has a little bit of everything.

CF: What trend are you dying to try this season?

JG: Very excited about all of the leather this season. I've been stocking up all summer so now that the weather has cooled down, I'm not afraid to try some leather on leather.

CF: If you had to describe your personal style in three words, what would they be?

JG: Colorful. Edgy. Creative.

CF: Chicago weather can be brutal, particularly in the winter time. How do you stay fashion forward when below-freezing temperatures are tempting you to do otherwise?

JG: Invest in outerwear. It's what you see most of the time in Chicago winters so I always pick statement-worthy coats.

CF: Ideally, where do you see yourself in three years?

JG: I like to take things day by day but as long as I'm involved in fashion in some way I'll be happy.

CF: What has been the most exciting experience that has happened as a result of your blog?

JG: Getting the opportunity to attend fashion week and meeting so many amazing people while I'm there. I love meeting new people anyway, so finding those who are just as passionate about the same thing you are is what excites me.

CF: Who is your style muse–your never-fail source of fashion inspiration?

JG: Margherita Missoni. I'm convinced we will be friends one day.

CF: What role do you hope to play in making Chicago a more recognizable fashion mecca?

JG: Why I started my blog in the first place was to showcase the great fashion we do have here in Chicago but also cater to a wider audience by covering an array of stylish topics that go beyond this city. That way I can reach as many people as possible and really show off the Chicago fashion scene, to people all over the world. And when I do go to New York for fashion week or travel anywhere else, I'm always spreading the word about fashion in Chicago.

Photo Credit: Amy Creyer of Chicago Street Style


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