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With so many blogs out there, it is always refreshing to see a blogger with a clear sense of style and focus. Lainy Hedaya not only has a definite focus, but it is echoed simply in her mission statement: “Redefining Modern Elegance.” And that is exactly what her blog, Haute Inhabit does. Her enviable sense of style (hello baby blue, pony hair Thierry Mugler heels) to her self-admitted not-so-serious tone, Lainy showcases her own personal style, trends and the collections of designers that keeps her readers wanting more. Oh, did we mention she does all of this while also being a college student? Check out our Q&A with Lainy to find out more about Haute Inhabit, the favorite items in her closet and what spring trends she can’t wait to try out. Thanks for chatting with us, Lainy!

CollegeFashionista: What inspired you to start a blog as a college student? 

Lainy Hedaya: The blog initially started as a written portfolio in addition to my design portfolio. I felt it was the best way to express my thoughts on design, aside from sketches. After two months of random posting, brands started following me and my numbers started to shoot up to the thousands. There was a time where I posted about a perfume brand and they emailed me thanking me for the sales they got from that post. Once I heard sales, the BBA degree in my head said, commission! From then the business aspect started and Haute Inhabit slowly evolved into its own branded identity.

CF: What do you think makes your blog stand apart from the clutter of countless fashion blogs today? 

LH: I reveal fashion in a way designers want their collections to be perceived, which is ultimately what it’s about, right? The content is original, authentic and I try not to make it so serious. I’m not the most serious person. I think that’s why my readers come back; it’s coming from a real girl who just so happens to like design.

CF: What has been the most exciting or rewarding experience to come out of your blogging success? 

LH: The most rewarding experience was when I was in St. Petersburg, Russia and girls stopped me in the street to take a photo. At first I didn’t think they were talking to me. I think it’s amazing how the Internet connects people especially on such a global scale. I also love it when people use the term “inhabiting” when they’re confident with what they’re wearing. I’m just like, “Yeah, you inhabit those Charlotte Olympia shoes. Inhabit them like you’ve never inhabited heels before.”

CF: Where do you see yourself in three years?

LH: Creative director at a large fashion house (*cough* Oscar de la Renta *cough* ) or in the midst of starting my own line. I just want to be able walk into my own production room and say “I’m the leader of the pack.” 

CF: After attending NYFW, what were some of your favorite collections?

LH: I really loved Alexander Wang, Reed Krakoff and Jill Stuart. I think BCBG did an amazing job this season in terms of revolutionizing their designs and Belstaff is a nostalgic and emotional brand for me.

CF: How do balance a college schedule and workload with the demands of the fashion blogging industry?

LH: There have been a couple of sleepless nights. It’s hard to manage the schedule sometimes. I do everything myself, besides my legal work. People always ask me who I’ve hired as a writer, PR agency or graphic/web designer. It’s all me. I’m a one-woman show. But I’m always open to taking interns!

CF: What three items in your wardrobe could you never go without?

LH: Black leather pants; I have about six pairs. My brother’s white shirt; I have about three brothers. And a circle scarf. I loose them, buy more, then find old ones. 

CF: What trends are you dying to try out for spring and summer 2013? 

LH: Gladiator sandals and sheer cutouts. I also can’t wait to get some cocoon shapes into my wardrobe.

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