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“I think goals should never be easy, they should force you to work, even if they are uncomfortable at the time.”-Michael Phelps

Being a college swimmer, or even a college athlete for that matter, one knows about having goals and straining for those goals no matter how rough and unpleasant it may be.  Growing up on the beaches of Long Island, you have two choices: learn how to swim or sit in the sand with the parents while all the other kids play in the water. Back then, my own goal was to swim past the breaking waves just so I didn’t get stuck in the sand. Getting crushed by waves and being washed back up on shore with sand all in my mouth weren’t my fondest memories of swimming. Actually it was so unpleasant that I can still picture the waves and taste the sand as I’m telling this story. But I never let this uncomfortable situation stop me from achieving my goal. Turns out, after all the training I ended up being a pretty decent swimmer. By age six I was on a USA national ranked swim team. I swam all throughout middle school and high school and competed in many meets. I’m so thankful that I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to now be swimming in college. I have set new swimming goals and reach for those goals every day. Although college practices are never easy, and definitely not the most fun, they push me to reach my goals. No matter how unpleasant a practice may be, I always push through so that one day I will be able to achieve my goals.

Along with working hard and reaching for my goals, I try to still keep it fashionable in a sexy one-piece! Alright, maybe there’s nothing sexy about a one-piece, but through my years I have found a few stellar swimsuits. This open back Nike one-piece is great because it is tight to perform in while still cute and showing off your back and curves. Another great swimsuit is the work out bikini.

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