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In addition to my work as a Style Guru, I’m also involved in a couple of the sports clubs here on campus. I am a member of the new Gymnastics Club, the co-director of Riddim World Dance Troupe and a co-captain of the Men’s Club Volleyball team. When I was younger I also swam for seven years and dabbled in a variety of other sports. I got into volleyball during my sophomore year of high school. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a men’s team so I practiced and managed the women’s team. The initial joy I felt playing volleyball has kept me involved with the sport wherever I go for the past seven years. I even played for three to four hours every day while studying abroad in China. I love the strategic aspect of the game, and as a smaller player, I’m glad that there is a position for all builds and types of athlete.

For sports, form and function are closely related, perhaps more so than in every day fashion. Volleyball is a difficult sport to add your own twist to as you need to use multiple parts of your body, but some of my teammates add colorful laces to their shoes to add a pop of color. I’ve also seen some athletes write on the tape that they use to protect their hands or the tops of their shoes. Even the different colors of Kinesiotape can be a welcome addition of color to a uniform or practice outfit. For me, I like to keep it pretty simple, just switching up color combinations of tops and shorts – that way I can focus on the game at hand!

Sadly, I don’t participate in any of the winter Olympic sports, but as a fellow athlete I love to admire the excitement of all the winter sports! As a dancer, I particularly enjoy watching the grace of the figure skaters and ice dancers. I also love to catch up on the extreme sports like luge and ski jumping.

What sport do you play? Why are you excited for the Olympics? Share with us on social media using the hashtag #collegefashionista!


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