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Sports have always been a big part of my life, and watching my older sister run track in high school is where it all began. Right after Ms. Story’s fourth grade class let out, I would walk right over to her track practice to be the team’s little helper. From then on, I had always wanted to follow in her footsteps, so of course track was the very first sport I tried. Why did I love track so much? Although some events lasted for as little as seven seconds, it was something about the adrenaline you got when you were waiting on those blocks at the starting line…dead silence…hearing your heart pounding in your chest.

After I started track, I couldn’t stop there. I added a few more activities to my résumé from basketball to jazz dancing classes and even figure skating; you name it, I probably did it. However, once high school hit, I narrowed it down to volleyball in the fall, basketball in the winter and track in the spring. Loving every single moment I spent at practice and at games for each sport. By the time I was a senior, though, I had to drop basketball and the one that hurt the most was, of course, track, a sport that I’ve loved my whole life. Once volleyball became the main priority, I dedicated a lot of time at club tournaments, practices and even college visits. But now after looking back at all the hard work and time spent, I can proudly call myself a University of Miami Hurricane! Being a member of the women’s volleyball team, let alone being a student athlete at Miami, gives me an overflowing amount of pride. The tradition and history of athletics at this school, the training and academics are all amazing, and I don’t think I could’ve picked a better university.

As far as incorporating my style on the court, I would definitely say it’s my hair! I change it like clockwork and my teammates, friends and coaches are always surprised to see a different hairstyle than I had the week before. I honestly love it because it’s a way to express my creativity in a “uniform” sport and outside of volleyball, it’s fun learning how to do different styles.

With the Olympics right around the corner, what I look forward to most is the amount of athleticism being showcased by every athlete. Looking up to great Olympians like Sanya Richards-Ross, Carmelita Jeter, Foluke Akinradewowho and Kerri Walsh keeps me motivated. All the time, effort and focus they put into their sport exemplifies so much dedication. Each of them have been training and preparing for years to perform on one of the world’s biggest stages. No matter what my future in sports may hold, I know right now that I have countless individuals ahead of me to help keep me motivated everyday.

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