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There’s nothing I love more than fashion (okay, besides my family), but there is something I love equally: playing lacrosse.

When people think of women’s lacrosse, they usually picture the ending scene in Mean Girls where Regina George is violently running into each player on the field before she scores a goal. That’s not the reality of lacrosse (even though I have come across a few Regina George’s in my years of playing). It’s an intense and fast paced game, but there is strategy to it.

I first picked up a lacrosse stick during my freshman year in high school (go Titans!). I had no knowledge about the game but quickly began to grow a passion for the sport and knew I wanted to play as long as I could. Fast forward to present day where I’m now a captain for the University of Iowa Women’s team (go Hawkeyes!), so I’ve kept and continue to dedicate, grow and have a passion for this sport!

When I received my first uniform back in high school, I was horrified. We had to wear gold jerseys and blue plaid skirts. Yes, skirts (people find it shocking that skirts are worn in lacrosse). Once I made Varsity, we got to wear “the good” uniforms which consisted of blue and white with minimal gold and most importantly, no plaid!

Lacrosse fashion can differ between the women’s and men’s game, but there are a few consistent fashions throughout the entire sport. Popular trends include mid-calf socks and customized pinnies, or practice jerseys. Lacrosse cleats are also a trend because there are so many different styles and colors that can make your uniform pop. The required mouth guard and goggles (for women) don’t necessarily add any fashion to our outfits, but hey, cool mid-calf socks and a sick pinnie are all we need.

Don’t let the skirts fool you. Women’s lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the country, and it’s not only fun to play, but it’s also fun to watch. You probably won’t find lacrosse when you tune into the upcoming Olympics, but you can come to Iowa and watch one of our games this spring!

What sport do you play? Why are you excited for the Olympics? Share with us on social media using the hashtag #collegefashionista!



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