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Water polo, contrary to popular belief, is not the same as polo in the water. I’ll admit, having horses in the pool would give our legs a break while treading water, but that’s not how we play. You can think of it as somewhere in between soccer and basketball in the water, while treading the entire time. It’s hard, but so rewarding.

Regardless, water polo is one of the most fun sports I’ve ever played (and that includes picking daisies on the field when I played soccer as a six-year-old). I started out last January, because the women’s team was leading a winter term workshop on how to play, and I decided to join the team. As a club sport on campus, anyone can sign up. It’s a great way to exercise and get your heart pumping, not to mention hang out with the beautiful ladies I share the pool with who are tons of fun to be around. In high school, I never played, so starting a whole new sport with unfamiliar people was a chance for me to get to know people I might not normally know.

I think I can safely say that water polo suits are one of the most uncomfortable sports uniforms ever invented (wrestling leotards might come in a close second). The suit I’m wearing in the photo is not a water polo suit though, due to some very unfortunate accidents while my suit was in storage over the summer. Because our game uniforms are pretty serious looking (they’re navy blue with MIDDLEBURY in white across the front), we can usually incorporate style into our practice suits. SwimOutlet.com is a common place to order new suits, with a ton of brands to choose from. Here, you can choose to get fun patterned suits, like this comic book printed suit, or this geometric printed suit and so much more. Swimsuits are also allowed at practice, and SwimOutlet also offers a variety of prints and patterns. Jolyn is also a popular brand for fashionable practice wear. With an array of bright colors and an always popular open back with crisscrossed straps, Jolyn suits are some of the most stylish suits on the market.

By far, my favorite Winter Olympic sport is figure skating. I’m unfamiliar with the current figure skaters, but I’m excited to see what they bring to the ice!

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