GAME DAY: University of Michigan

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Football is ubiquitous at Michigan. A world-renowned team and the best stadium by far belong to us, so naturally, we take our game days very seriously. Whether or not you find yourself actually attending the game, one thing is almost guaranteed: tailgating.

School spirit runs rampant during tailgates on football Saturdays, and also poses the perfect opportunity to flaunt your style and cheer on your team in tandem. Sweatshirts, T-shirts and hats have become go-tos for campus wear, and luckily for all Fashionista/os, can be used to translate personal style. Say what you will, but during the chilly fall days in which tailgating frequently occur, I like to be comfortable, and nothing says comfort quite like a sweatshirt that says “Michigan.” To spruce it up so I don’t fall into the maize and blue void, I layered my crewneck sweatshirt over a polka dot button-up top from J.Crew (layers equal warmth, and I’m all about that life). My baby blue kate spade cross-body bag complements the top as well as holds my menagerie of miscellaneous items. I also figured that there’s no better time to rock my pale yellow pants than when paired with my Wolverine gear.

Comfort and style don’t have to be mutually exclusive during game day, so take some chances with your school themed wardrobe. Go Blue!

Here are my five tips for tailgating:

  • Bring a cross-body bag. We all have necessary items that we refuse to leave behind, but hauling around a tote could be considered akin to hauling around a small child. They’re heavy, needy and a fairly large responsibility.
  • This is tailgating, not your senior prom. Not only is wearing flats okay, it’s necessary. Sperry’s or a patterned ballet flat will ensure that you don’t want to chop off your feet by the end of the day.
  • Go in a group. If the music sucks or you realize you don’t know anyone else at the tailgate, you can always count on a solid group of best buds to create your own party within a party.
  • As my loving mother tells me on a bi-weekly basis: know when to say when. If you’re drinking at a tailgate, do so responsibly. No one likes to be (or watch) that person throwing up in public during the afternoon.
  • Show off your school spirit! This is the time more than ever to let out your pent up school pride. Sport your school’s colors and don’t forget to add your own stylish twist.

Have a great game day look or tip for tailgating? Share it on social media using the hashtag #collegefashionista!


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