FUREVER FRIENDS: Valerie and Burgers

Exclusive Feature

Around this time last year, I had spent weeks swooning over the idea of possibly becoming a cat mama. Scouring online and prowling sites like Petfinder, all I wanted to do was look up kittens all day. Growing up in a household where pets were a multitude of fish and turtles, you can imagine my excitement at the idea of adopting a cat.  After weeks with no success, the idea began diminishing. Coincidentally, a close friend informed me of a woman abandoning a litter of kittens.  This unlucky bunch was to either get adopted immediately, or to be left to fend for themselves.  Unable to rescue more than one, I was faced with what seemed the toughest decision ever! I spotted a small orange fluff, which spotted me; it was immediately apparent that my choice was made. Having been caught by surprise and unprepared, I had officially become a cat lady!

Burgers has always inspired my mantra of “put a cat on it.” On the regular, I rock a lot of cat print (as most cat ladies do.) I try to incorporate vintage items for a whimsical flare; kimonos are my usual go-to, and you can never go wrong with black pair of cutout boots.  I’ve tried to ward off the idea of dark hues; aside from the constant need of a lint roller, owning a cat has been pretty low-maintenance.

His curiosity matches no other. On a daily basis, Burgers spends his time sunbathing and bird watching (with an occasional visit from friendly strays.) A few of the qualities that truly make Burgers a gem are:

  • His modest sense of adventure for nature and unmatched love for fresh grass.
  • He is the snuggliest of them all (total unbiased statement!)
  • I admire his subtleness, for choosing a laundry hamper over the two places in my apartment designed specifically with his comfort in mind.
  • Burgers has a peculiar appetite for floral arrangements and has recently struck up a deep love affair for French fries.
  • When it comes to Burgers, love is a new paper bag (literally.)

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