FUREVER FRIENDS: Meghan and Norman

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For about a year and a half now, my mornings have started out the exact same way. Stepping on my face, neck and bladder until I wake up, Norman knows how to get what he wants, and as early as he wants it: food. Once his alarm clock duties are complete, he spends the rest of the day lounging in style and living the ultimate cat life. Norman sets the tone for the apartment with a constant state of something no living space should lack—sass.

Most people usually mistake the confident personalities that cats have for being rude and heartless, but those people are clearly not looking at the feline species properly. What they mistake for negativity is really just a sass-filled existence. Norman proves that with great size comes a great amount of attitude, and all I can do is try my best to keep up!

Since Norm wears his emotions on his furry sleeves, I constantly use his outlook on life to inspire my everyday wardrobe. A combination of bold prints, richly textured patterns, neutral tones and a bright lip color easily mimic my feline Fashionisto’s puuurrr-sonal style, but it’s the details that complete the look best. For instance, I can’t help but borrow Norm’s use of winter white kitten mittens as inspiration behind my pure white loafers, and I usually stick with dainty accessories; that way I can let my patterns do the talking. Lastly, high-waisted pants are crucial these days, because if this cat has taught me anything, it’s that comfort is key.

If you still need some convincing on why you should love this guy as much as I do, here are five solid reasons:

  • His size—Norm is quite the chunky one, and I love every second of it.
  • Though he can tear you apart with a glance, his eyes are the most stunning shade of blue.
  • He can’t keep his food in his bowl, splashes water all over when he drinks and makes my room a kitty litter version of the Sahara desert. He makes me feel better about how messy of a person I am.
  • If you need to find him in a hurry, all you have to do is turn on the bathroom sink— water is this guy’s passion (unless he needs a bath).
  • Even though he shows love on his own terms, if ignored long enough, he won’t leave you alone. Norman keeps me company while I write every single CollegeFashionista post!

Whether you provide a little extra attitude through your style or overall demeanor, follow Norman’s example, and simply stay true to yourself. Try to take a cat nap every once in a while too. According to this guy, you can never get too much beauty sleep!

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