FUREVER FRIENDS: Allison and Penny

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After 12 wonderful years, I lost my best friend and partner in crime, Pompom, last December. From my days as a spirited third grader to my junior year in college, she was all I had ever known. Upon her passing, I truly couldn’t imagine loving and caring for another dog as much as I had for her. But one rainy February morning, I made an unexpected discovery that completely changed my mind. After making my way through my lengthy grocery list, I spotted a fuzzy, brown-eyed puppy wandering helplessly through the parking lot. With one look at her sweet face, I knew I had to take her home! My family and I named her Penny, and I must say, rescuing her has filled my home with happiness once again. Although I’ll always cherish the moments I spent with Pompom, I’m overjoyed knowing I saved yet another life and that I’m able to give all my love to a sweet dog who might have never experienced it otherwise.

As Penny is still in her crazy puppy stage, spending an afternoon with her involves a lot of chasing and guarding practically everything I own (in Penny’s eyes, iPhones are chew toys too). Despite the constant running around, I like wearing comfortable pieces that allow me to keep up with her, yet are still representative of my everyday style. At the moment, I’m currently obsessing over coordinating separates, flatform sneakers and dainty cross-body bags.

Penny may be a lot to handle at times (she loves chewing on knitted sweaters too!), but at the end of the day I truly couldn’t imagine calling another dog my own. Every single day she never ceases to surprise me, but here are some of my favorite things about her I just can’t seem to get over:

  • Whenever I happen to fall into a Netflix coma, Penny is always there by my side. Who knew dogs could love Gossip Girl too?
  • Since Penny is so young, she tends to get a little fussy. During these tantrums, I’m the only one who can calm her down. All it takes is about two minutes of puppy cuddling!
  • At the simple sound of a camera shutter, Penny becomes the world’s number one doggie supermodel. She loves being in front of the camera!
  • Although Penny is only a few months old, in her eyes she’s the princess of the house! Her favorite activity is to assert her queen status and boss around the other dog of the house.
  • Unlike most pets, Penny adores bath time! Put her in the bathtub and she’s set for the rest of the day.

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