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If you’re a fellow college student, you might relate to the horrors of leaving your family pets when you make the move from home. I had to leave my two Maltese boys and never imagined that a blurry iPhone photo of them every once in a while could induce tears.  As a result of this and a kitten-fostering trend among me and my friends, pretty much everyone but me has accumulated cats over the past couple years, and about six months ago I found myself feeling a bit lonesome and jealous. I knew I wanted something small, easy and not too long term. After much deliberation, I went to the closest pet store where I made probably the greatest decision ever and brought home a beautiful rat woman, Karen.

While Karen’s fashion sense is undeniably world-renowned, I try not to totally copy her looks, but more so take inspiration; I’ve found she definitely influences my style in many ways. For example, some might say that she’s kind of an unconventional pet, and I can see that. I mean, there’s a 97% chance that had I not scooped her up, she would be snake food!  So I’d like to say that she pushes me a little bit every day to be somewhat unconventional with my style, and maybe a little grungier too, as after all, the traditional “sewer rat” does live a pretty edgy life. Reflecting this, I paired my favorite chelsea boots with a leather mini skirt from Zara and a loose, red TLC reppin T-shirt, similar to this one from Urban Outfitters. To soften and complete the look, I threw on a white fringe kimono for a light-hearted, more feminine touch, because even though Karen has her edgy reputation, she is sweeter than pie.

It’s so hard to pick just five, but below are five of my favorite things about Karen:

  • Female rats are extremely adventurous and are always running around, but Karen is a little different, definitely her mother’s daughter. She is the laziest and curviest of all of her rat friends and loves to find a comfy spot and just freeze there for a while.
  • When rats are comfortable with their owners, they have a tendency to groom them. Karen has my back and takes every chance she gets to make sure there isn’t a spot on my hands or face that needs some spring cleaning.
  • I keep her cage right next to my vanity, so when I’m getting ready in the mornings, I always have the pleasure of looking slightly to my left and seeing Karen’s beautiful face watching me intently the whole time.
  • Over these six months, she’s found a few favorite spots to chill when we’re hanging out, from the top of my head, to standing behind my ear, to inside my shirt poking her little face out.
  • Finally, Karen is a social butterfly, and I’ve had no problem bringing her around other pets. Some of her best friends include three other rats, my two dogs and to my surprise, multiple cats! Apparently her charming personality can win anyone over.

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