FUREVER FRIENDS: Adryanna and Rocky

Exclusive Feature

About four years ago my family stumbled upon the greatest blessing. My mom adopted a 3-week old Maltese-poodle that was living in a shoe box.  She brought him home one night, and our hearts were instantly captivated by the fur ball that was able to rest perfectly in the palm of our hands. We settled on the name Rocky due to my family’s love for the movie and because our puppy seemed to display an aggressive demeanor regardless of his infinitely small size. Over the years, Rocky has become part of the family, and he has taught us the true meaning of love, loyalty and selflessness.

Rocky’s appearance definitely does not match his personality. His soft and curly white fur makes him look like a high-maintenance dog that loves to be carried around in a tote purse. On the contrary, Rocky is very active and prefers to go on three mile walks over anything else. My style here definitely resembles Rocky’s glam appearance and active personality. I may look all done up in my gold sequin top and polka-dot shorts, however my Chucks are clearly saying I am ready to conquer the day.

I would say I have a slightly healthy obsession with Rocky. I am constantly smothering him with kisses and telling him that I love him. This is partly due to the fact that he looks like a fluffy stuffed animal. Besides just his appearance, there are so many things that I love about him. Here is a small list:

  • Every morning he will either lick my face to wake me up, or he will just stare at me until I open my eyes.
  • When he walks, his hips move side to side which is how we gave him the nickname Booty.
  • When I get home he greets me like I’ve been gone for days.
  • He loves to sunbathe in the backyard.
  • Most importantly, he loves to cuddle.

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