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This week’s Fashionista put it all out on the table and was able to educate me on how to be subtly sexy without putting it all out there. I was really enthused to speak with Maryland southern belle as she was nice enough to give trendy fashion forward websites and the inside scoop on all the new jewelry trends.

Name: Jamie Gibson

Major: Nursing

Year: Sophomore

College Fashionista: What are you wearing today?

Jamie Gibson: I wear the same jewelry everyday. I’m a gold kind of girl. I’m not super crazy about my horoscopes but my abuelita gave me my Libra necklace. Sometimes when I want to dress up my regular jewelry I’ll throw on a longer chain necklace as well. I’m wearing double hoops earrings, which I got the idea from Lauren Conrad. I’m wearing a dual tone leather jacket; a lace top I got from my Mom’s closet and Jessica Simpson makes my boots. Oh, and my cross bag is from Nordstrom.

CF: How would you describe your style?

JG: I feel like my style is very southern. I'm a huge advocate for cutoff T-shirts and baseball caps. I guess you can say I’m a mixture of edgy as well. I love Megan Foxx’s look, it’s very laid back but sexy!

CF: You seem like you really understand the vision you portray to people. Where do you shop to get this edgy look?

JG: Honestly, I’m all over the place. I shop at stores like Free People to thrift stores and Goodwill. There are these two websites called Hautelook.com and Saboskirt.com.

CF: Do you have a technique to shopping before you buy items from these places?

JG: I look at Pinterest a lot. A lot of Haute Look and Sabo Skirt items are pinned on Pinterest anyways so that’s how I ended up finding those sites. Not to mention I really admire Jessie James, Jessica Alba and Megan Fox’s wardrobe.

CF: Do you shop or purchase?

JG: Definitely purchase. Shopping you’ll buy anything. A purchase lasts a lot longer.

CF: How do you inspire yourself to get dressed up during the day?

JG: Can we actually change the question to night? I definitely get more inspired and dolled up to go out. I love listening to music that gets me going like ACDC’s “ You Shook Me All Night Long” or Jessie James’ “Wanted.”

How To: This week’s Fashionista is able to make a really simple look go a long way. Start off with a statement leather jacket. Then, find that simple top that brings out your curves. Keep the curvaceous figure going with some leggings with a dash of leather and a nice gold pendant.


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