Since Hollywood is everyone’s dream destination, the personal business of the famous has become our business, and our overall goal of fitting in is more prevalent than ever, it is no wonder most fashion-related decisions nowadays typically credit someone besides ourselves. These someones may be a best friend, an actor/actress featured in the magazine you read yesterday (instead of studying), the lead singer of your favorite band (you know the one you were listening to while you muted your online lecture with Professor what’s-his-name?) or even the stranger that sits two seats to the left of you in Physics class. My point being; most people are following fashion trends rather than starting them and dressing how they see rather than how they feel. My fashionable friends I must call ‘em like I see ‘em, and I see predictability.

A tip: stop dressing like so-and-so and dress like you. Amongst a sea of trend assumers (of which, I must add, everyone treads in at least once), I managed to find a Fashionisto on campus who preaches a similar unique opinion.

Name: Sean Kelly

Major: Media Studies and Production

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Sean, what are you wearing today?

Sean Kelly: I have on a black button down from H&M with a blazer over top from Macy’s. I added a fun bow tie from American Apparel. I’m also sporting colored denim also from H&M paired with shoes from Aldo. Not to mention my favorite Guess watch that is also from Macy’s.

CF: Where do you love to shop?

SK: I don't have a favorite store. If I find something I like, I get it. There isn’t a store that defines my style; you have to do that on your own.

CF: Well said! Do you have any fashion icons?

SK: My Nan and my family in general are my fashion icons. My Nan pretty much taught me everything I need to know about how to dress. She passed away a few years ago, but I know she’s always with me. Every time I make a decision I run it by my Nan first because she knew best. My family (Mom, Dad, grandparents, aunts and uncles) taught me how to be a gentleman and present myself in a respectful manner. I incorporate all of this into my style.

CF: Do you have a staple piece of clothing you must have?

SK:  I love jackets/coats. Whether it’s a blazer or a long peacoat, I try to make it a part of my attire. No matter what you wear underneath you can add a touch of class with a jacket.

CF: What trends do you see often that you wish would just disappear?

SK: I am not a trendy person at all. I am faithful to my style. As they say….”trends come and go but style is forever.” If I had to pick a particular piece of clothing I would like to see disappear it would be skinny jeans…not my thing at all. I can see slim straight-legged maybe, but not so skinny! I would love to go back to the '50s. People dressed with authenticity. It's hard to find that these days.

How To: Be true to you…
I am in no way saying you shouldn’t be inspired by what others are wearing whether it be on TV or next to you in class. What I am saying is one should always put their own personal twist on what they observe. Dressing identical to someone else takes away the creativity and individuality that fashion inevitably gives you. Sean here added unique touches to what would otherwise be a basic outfit. Sure everyone probably has colored denim, but not everyone would pair them with dress loafers. Everyone also probably owns a solid color button down, but not everyone would add a bow tie to sharpen up the look. As you can see it’s the little things that make the difference. Buy a shirt and sew on your own vintage buttons, purchase some denim and splatter paint across the front, or make your own headbands out of that ratty old plaid skirt you hung up in the back of your closet years ago. Fact: dressing how you feel is the most fashionable you’ll ever be!


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