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When prowling the campus for stylish students I always wait and choose maybe the 2nd or 3rd student I see, simply because their outfit has to convince me. I want see authenticity and subtle personality. I've noticed that men seem to carry this trait with clothing better then women. It may be because of men's fashion–-for the most part, perfected. While women have to play with different trends and silhouettes each season, men's styles don't change nearly as drasticly. Men will never have to deal with the peplum trend or sneaker wedges, therefore, men have less of an excuse for not dressing to the nines. This Fashionisto's boots and navy pull over caught my attention. While it's classic and casual I felt the look was warm and an extension of his his personality, which is exactly what fashion should be. 

Name: Monty Cox

Year: Senior

Major: Political Science

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Monty Cox: I'm wearing camel colored skinny jeans from Rue 21, Guess boots, a navy Calvin Klein button-down and a navy pull over from Jules (a store in France).

CF: What inspires your style choices?

MC: My style choices mostly derive from necessity. It was cold outside so I dressed appropriately. That being said, if living a year in metropolitan France taught me anything, it was to always look my best. I would say that my desire to be different and to have one staple trademark is the most influential thing about my clothing choices. I’ve noticed that over the last year I no longer own denim, all of my jeans are colored. It’s subtle but I think it’s a great way to stand out.

CF: What are some items you plan on buying for the winter season?

MC: If the weather ever changes I plan to buy some nice scarves, knit pullovers and maybe even a pea coat. Winter is great because you can wear layers, and everyone looks classier. Unless you decide to wear a pair of Uggs and sweatpants, in that case you should stay at home until your clothing choices are acceptable.

How to: When buying clothing items choose colors that can easily mix well. Grays, dark blues, blacks and camel colors are a must for winter. Any item in one of these colors becomes an automatic classic and can be worn again from season to season. Challenge yourself like this Fashionisto and try wearing something other then blue jeans. Try trousers like these here at Topman or corduroys like these at Urban Outfitters.


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