It’s finals week here in Utrecht. Needless to say, it’s easy to let your wardrobe get less than stylish when you spend most of your days sleepless and locked in the library. However, it’s also easy to remain fashionable as long as you keep things simple. This Fashionisto was able to do just that by combining simple colors and classic pieces to create a casual look that works for any finals week occasion.

Name: Milo van Bokkum

Year: First

Major: Political Science

College Fashionista: Where do you like to buy clothes?

Milo van Bokkum: Although I used to buy my all my clothes at big stores, I have been going to smaller vintage and second-hand stores lately. It took me a while to discover them, but it's really rewarding. That's where the jacket I'm wearing is from, too. However, I still enjoy going to the bigger places once in a while, since their collection is definitely not bad.

CF: Most important thing to wear in winter?

MVB: Gloves– the only thing I wear of which I really do not care what they look like, as long as they're warm. But that might just be because of Holland.

CF: Do you think male American style is different for male Dutch style?

MVB: I would expect it to be, but I haven't found that many differences. Americans seem to have a tendency to wear shorts for a longer period of the year, but apart from that, I can quite relate to their style. I have seen Americans wearing clothes that I have in my closet, too.

CF: What item of clothing could you not live without?

MVB: My black semi-formal shoes. Although I do not wear them very regularly, they always give the perfect official touch when I do.

How To: For this Fashionisto’s look, shop for classic, versatile pieces which you can use in your wardrobe year round. Start by looking for a well-fitting pair of jeans in whichever style suits you. For a good selection of options, try sites like Levi’s or J.Crew. For a classic black blazer, try this skinny blazer option from Topman.  For a white buttondown, ASOS has a variety of styles and price points for any wardrobe. 


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