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When you give a man Esquire, something happens to him and his wardrobe. He starts drinking scotch and ditches the red cup. His pants fit better and he wears a blazer instead of a hoodie. He gets more haircuts and falls in love with Cole Haan footwear. He starts watching Mad Men.He wears fedoras.

I caught this Fashionisto on the green as he was leaving class. He told me, “You’re lucky — I woke up so late this morning and almost didn’t get dressed.”  Well I’ll thank the style gods that he did.

Hailing all the way from the ends of the earth (or Anchorage, Alaska to be more specific), this Fashionisto has brought with him a sense of personal style unknown to many UD men. He takes risks —not every guy can wear a fedora quite so confidently. He develops the perfect color palette too — the sands and light blues suit him well while the orange pop details add interest. He’s like Don Draper on vacation.

Name: Logan Sandar

Major: Physics and Philosophy, minor in Math

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Where do you get your style inspiration?

Logan Sandar: I’d say that my style inspiration comes from everywhere. I live on a college campus so as I’m walking down the green, if my eyes are drawn to something, if it looks good, I’ll see if I can integrate it into what I do. If it works, it works, if not…try something else.

CF: What do you think your wardrobe says about you?

LS: I was at the Newark DB what is this? the other day and the guy at the register asked me why I was dressed so well. I shrugged and said,“I dunno” and then he sort of answered the question for me and said, “look good, feel good.” I felt like that made sense. I think dressing yourself well makes you feel good and it demonstrates a form of confidence.

CF: What’s the style scene like in Alaska?

LS: It’s kind of crazy — Alaskan girls are very hardy. Sometimes you see these tenth graders that don’t have cars yet standing at the bus stop in skirts with no leggings. It’s less fancy, more tuned towards utility — down jackets instead of peacoats.

CF: What is a trend you’ve enjoyed trying out?

LS: They say the “bros” have a monopoly on white pants. But I don’t think that’s true — as long as they’re not paired with Sperry [Top-Siders] and a polo anyone can get away with it. I figured it was worth a shot and when I tried it I think it worked well.

How To: This Fashionisto’s look is casual and fresh, with a mostly neutral color palette with added pops of spring’s best shades. His light pants and double-breast cardigan create a sand-colored frame that highlights the light blue base of his button-down with vibrant detailing. This style can be adapted in so many ways. For example, at night try dark pants and sweater in a similar hue with a lighter shirt underneath. The details of the outfit are up to you. This Fashionisto opted for a woven fedora and Sperry’s take on the loafer. For tips on hat choices, see Esquire’s “What You Can Learn From Mad Men’s Season 4 Style” article. Finally, men, do not fear color. Paired with neutrals, bright details will definitely facilitate double takes.


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