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Finals are officially in full swing here at Rutgers. Though stress levels may be soaring through the roof, I have concluded that finding a greater appreciation for the little things becomes exceptionally important during times like these. My list of “little things” consists of quick, spontaneous meals my roommates and I share together, finding time to savor a good cup of coffee and seeing a fashionable outfit that stands out in a sea of sweatpants and North Faces. This week’s Fashionisto proves that it’s completely possible to look stylish in the midst of what seems to be a million final exams and papers.

Name: Larry Leung

Major: Environmental Engineering

Year: Junior

CF: How would you describe your style?

LL: It really all depends on the day. Usually, I like to be a little more casual and not too dressy. I would say that the outfit I’m wearing today is a little dressier than normal. I like to wear collared shirts and button-downs a lot. When I’m not wearing those kinds of shirts, I usually wear V-necks or cardigans and other clothes that are laid-back.

CF: A lot of the guys I know are really into shoes. Would you consider yourself a shoe guy?

LL: Oh yeah, I definitely love my shoes the most. I have boat shoes, dressier shoes like these and Vans. I mostly wear my Vans since they’re so versatile. I could’ve even worn them with the outfit I’m wearing now if I wanted to!

CF: Any men’s fashion tips you’d like to share?

LL: In the winter season, always rock a leather jacket and a hoodie; it’s a good combination. You also can’t go wrong with khakis. You can dress them up or make them look casual based on the shoes you wear them with and they can be worn anytime of the year. It can’t hurt to look sophisticated, especially during the wintertime since it’s so easy. Throw on a nice peacoat and you’re done.

How To: Adding a few basics to your wardrobe will help you attain this Fashionisto’s admirable style. Chambray shirts, which I feature in a lot of my posts (they’re a borderline obsession of mine), aren’t just for women; gents can rock them too! Wear yours under this jacquard patterned cardigan with these light brown Levi’s. These socks and green suede oxfords will take your outfit up several fashionable notches. Finally, utilize this Fashionisto’s tip and throw on a classic black peacoat. Happy studying!


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