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Christmas carolers sing about this season being the most wonderful time of the year. But before we can go home and celebrate the holidays with our families, we must come face to face with the most dreaded time of the year. Of course I am speaking about finals week, and a little storm called Hurricane Sandy has forced us to wait a little longer to start shelling out change for Scantrons. This weather-related delay has forced us to endure something even more dreadful: (gasp!) classes on Saturday. It seems that the last thing we would want to do, aside from getting out of bed for class on Saturday, is putting in extra effort to look chic and wear anything other than sweats or pajamas. However, this cool and casual Fashionisto proves that sometimes all you need are a Cosby sweater and simple corduroys to make those last classes you really want to skip a little more bearable.

Name: Keenan Angel

Major: Political Science

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Describe your personal style in three words.

Keenan Angel: Crazy, eclectic–everything.

CF: What is your favorite season to dress for and why?

KA: Summer because I really love my bro tanks, but I also really love my Cosby sweaters.

CF: If you could choose anyone whose closet you could raid, who would it be?

KA: I don’t really think there is one person I like everything about. I just like doing my own thing and not copying anyone else.

CF: What is one item in your closet you cannot live without and why?

KA: I recently got this sweater I’m wearing and it’s probably my favorite item of clothing I have. I just love my Cosby sweaters.

CF: Tell me where you got everything you’re wearing.

KA: I got my Cosby sweater from Goodwill, my pants are from American Eagle Outfitters and my shoes are from Journey's. I wear my class ring every day and it’s a huge sign of pride for me. If anything ever happened to it, I would be so upset.

How To: Whether you’re cramming in the library for finals or also making up classes on Saturday, you can show your sartorial side without trying too hard. I’ve been turning to comfy sweaters and knits this week because they’re just so easy to throw on and go about the day. Now is the time to take some inspiration from everyone’s favorite sitcom dad, Cliff Huxtable, and rock your Cosby sweater with pride. Add a pair of corduroys and smart oxfords, and you can keep calm and let your sweater and your smarts shine all through finals week.


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